A Message from the Mayor

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are weathering the storm today. and staying dry. There
are just a few points I that I would like to mention.
Today’s wind has caused several garbage cans to be blown around a
few of our streets. We pay extra money for back door pick up so please
use it and do not leave the garbage cans at the curb. They will be
picked up returned to your back door area.
I have received many calls and emails about people visiting the
town but this is not illegal. Going on the beach is and, to that end,
one of the steps that will be taken is to put an ATV patrolling the
beaches every day from 11:00AM-7:00PM. Please know that our police
force is working hard every day. As an example, there were 47 service
calls of all kinds on Saturday and Sunday alone. While enforcing the
law is very important it is also paramount that our police force stay
healthy. They put themselves at risk every day and we are very
fortunate to have them.
There has been much discussion about people coming here to their
second residences. The Governor has strongly discouraged this but many,
both here and in other towns, have done so. As I have said before, if
you are here you need to adhere to the rules regarding gathering in
groups and social distancing.
There are a few residents who are traveling back and forth from
Mantoloking to parts up north and then returning. This is absolutely
unacceptable behavior. You are putting other people’s lives at risk.
If, despite the Governor’s urging, you decide to come here, once you
are here the responsible course of action is to stay in town for the
duration and to self quarantine for 2 weeks to begin your stay. I
strongly recommend that you follow these protective measures.
I do not enjoy writing about topics that are unpleasant. But we
are fighting a terrible virus that has affected untold lives in many
different ways and we need to work together to help end it. We have no
Be well and stay safe.


Mayor White