The Tax Collector is responsible for collection, receipt, custody, deposit and disbursement of all funds of the Borough.  He/she also receives and collects all current and delinquent real estate taxes, collects assessments for local improvements, and conducts official searches for municipal liens.

Contact Us

April Yezzi – Tax Collector/Chief Financial Officer, Extension 303
Stephen Pintado – Administrative Assistant, extension 311

Telephone Number:        732-475-6983

Facsimile Number:         732-475-7671


Muncipal Budgets & Audits can be found here.

General Information

The Borough of Mantoloking real estate taxes are paid on a quarterly basis.  The fiscal year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31 of each year.  The following chart outlines the payment schedule:

Quarter                        Payment Due (on or before)                           Time Period Covered


First                              February 1                                Jan/Feb/March

Second                         May 1                                       April/May/June

Third                             August 1                                   July/Aug/Sept

Fourth                           November 1                               Oct/Nov/Dec

*If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, taxes are due the first business day thereafter.

A ten (10) calendar day grace period is granted before interest is charged.

Payment Information:
Payment can be made by check or money order.

Penalty for late payment:
Interest is charged at 8% per annum on the first $1500 and 18% per annum on accounts over $1500.  An additional penalty of 6% will be charged on any delinquency over $10,000 that is still outstanding at the end of the fiscal year. Postmarks Do Not Verify Timely Payment.  The payment must be in the Tax Office for payments to be credited.

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