Police Department

The Mantoloking Police Department seeks to become known for its responsiveness to the needs of the community, and to be recognized as a new and improved law enforcement agency.  We are committed to providing high quality police services to our residents  through community partnerships, problem solving strategies, innovation, creativity, adaptability to an ever changing environment and participative management style through highly trained and disciplined employees using the latest technology.  The values we hold dear at home we also strive to share with the community:  caring, honesty, fairness, stability and friendship. The success of a Police Department in the performance of its duties is largely measured by the degree of support and cooperation it receives from the people of the community which it serves.  It is of paramount importance that we secure the confidence, respect, and approbation of the public.  

Chief Stacy Ferris

Mission Statement 

It is the mission of the Mantoloking Police Department to serve our citizens by enforcing the laws of the State of New Jersey and the ordinances of the Borough of Mantoloking, preserving the public peace, protecting life and property, promoting traffic safety, and engaging in activities that benefit all in our community, from our youth to our senior citizens through programs of education and crime prevention, and to accomplish these goals by adhering to a core set of values that include integrity, honesty, fairness, respect, and compassion.

Please remember that if you see something you suspect
is “wrong”, or you hear something that you suspect
is “wrong”, report it immediately, no matter how
insignificant you think it is, CALL US.